Equi-Scotia CIC

Personal development through horses

What is Equi-Scotia?

Equi-Scotia CIC is a Community Interest Company based in Central Scotland established in early 2020 by Mike Delaney and Julie-Anne Griffith to provide equine facilitated learning and psychotherapy for people from all walks of life. 

Equi-Scotia CIC is a member of Horsescotland and is Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Approved Centre delivering Scotland’s first Professional Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning and Development.


Practitioners are members of, or work with, the organisations shown below.

Directors of Equi-Scotia are delighted that their work, supporting mental health and developing accredited qualifications for practitioners, has been recognised by the Scottish Government through being awarded a First Port Start It grant. firstport.org.uk/funding/


All of the activities provided by Equi-Scotia CIC aim to improve the mental health of participants in a way that also ensures that the well-being of the horses contributing to the process is safeguarded.

Both Mike and Julie-Anne have significant lived experience of the benefits that people gain from being around horses, and are well qualified to deliver high impact development and therapy experiences.

Never has it been more important for people to be self-aware and confident around managing their own mental health as well as their ability to support others through times of uncertainty and rapid change.  

Mike and Julie-Anne work with trusted partners to deliver high impact equine facilitated learning which adds social value through trained facilitators engaging local communities with horses. 

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Working with established equestrian centres Equi-Scotia CIC provides a range of services designed to improve mental health through high impact experiential  learning with horses.  

Equine facilitated learning and therapy services  don’t normally include horse riding or vaulting, but programmes can be developed with partner organisations that provide other equestrian activities as part of therapy and development programmes.  


Simply being in the presence of a horse enables an immediate mindful experience. Being around a calm horse  can quickly reduce levels of anxiety and arousal without any effort from clients.

Engaging with horses in a tranquil countryside setting enhances learning and therapy experiences through the powerful effects of the biofilia hypothesis contributing to client well-being.