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Leadership & Workforce

Leadership and Workforce Development

Equine facilitated leadership development helps surface new insights about participants impact as a leader through experiential learning with horses. 

As prey animals, horses live in the moment and are experts in non-verbal communication.  In the wild, each time a horse makes a noise it gives a clear signal to predators of the location of the herd.  They have evolved a highly effective non-verbal communication system, and they only respond to leaders that they trust.

Working with a group of horses is an ideal way to gain insight into group dynamics, leadership, and difference. Observing a herd of horses is like observing the original social network.  Becoming part of that shifts the herd dynamics, and this is where leaders really find out about themselves and their leadership style.

93% of communication between people is non-verbal, and by focussing on non-verbal cues delegates  will gain an understanding of how to tap into all of their senses to lead more effectively. 

Taster experiences are available for organisations and individuals with responsibility for staff and leadership development programmes. 

Bespoke leadership and team building events can be designed to meet the needs of organisations of any size.

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